My kiddos LOVED this! Good luck ELE! Let's rock this TCAP test...You can OWN THIS!!!
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I have such a love for lapbooks.  I have been using this tool in my classroom for several years now.  With  TCAP testing coming up next week, my students have been using their lapbooks for preparation.  These are such a great tool for learning and studying!  They are also wonderful for promoting creativity and creative writing!  LOVE*LOVE*LOVE this idea!

Here are the latest lapbooks that we've created.



The great thing about Lapbooks is that you can use them for any subject!
I'd love to hear the lapbooks that you use!

Classroom Blessings,

I whipped up these cute little gumball machine graphics this evening.  I also created some activities with them as well.  If interested, they are here.

I have had several emails and posts inquiring about my signature tags, as well as, other questions.  Here are some answers to questions I've received...

Q:  Who makes your signatures for you?
A:  ME

Q:  Where can I find your graphics?
A:  You can find them here and now here!

Q:  What can I do with signature tags that I get from the member's area?
A:  You can add them to your blog posts, use them as decoration on your blog, collect them, add them to your emails.

Q:  What exactly is your member's area?  Can I join?
A:  My member's are is full of printables and graphics for the elementary school teacher.  Anyone can join!  It only costs $6.00 for a three months membership or $10 for a six months membership.  Your membership entitles you to access to everything in the member's area...terms must be followed though...and once your membership time is up, you are more than welcome to continue to use anything you got from the member's area, as long as terms are still followed...and YES, you can make a profit of your created items, as long as you give credit back to Teacher's Chatterbox!

I will mention that your membership is only a fraction of what I have put into the member's area!  The clip art that I have purchased alone values more than $30 plus there is my original clip art and lots of printables!  The small membership fee is just to help maintain the site.

There are lots of signature tags for you, as well!
So, if you like classroom printables, cute clip art, website graphics, and a real bargain...then
Teacher's Chatterbox is for YOU!

If you would like to have either one of these signature tags...or even both of them...then let me know!  Just post here which one{s} you want and what name you want on your signature tag!  For choice 2, add your hair preference too...see hair samples.  I also need an email addy to deliver them to you!  If you'd rather, you can email me your info privately instead of posting!  If you use or display them, please just link back to my blog!  That's it!

So here they are:

Choice 1

Choice 2

 {Hair Samples}

Sweet Blessings,

Spread the word...
Happy Earth many languages!

Enjoy these Freebie Earth Day cards and graphics!

Happy Earth Day!

We are gearing up for state testing in a couple of weeks.  All year, I've given my kiddos lots of strategies {tools} for their "toolbox" to help them solve, understand, etc.  Recently, I shared with my students that my teachers {many years ago} would tell us to put on our "thinking caps".  We talked about what they meant by that.  Apparently that hadn't heard that expression before because they thought it was wildly funny for some reason.  So, I thought about our state testing {TCAP} so, I decided to pull that expression we have a wall that is titled "Put On Your Thinking CAP for TCAP".  Each time we practice one of our strategies, I post it on the wall.  It is starting to fill up quickly.  The kids refer to the wall often, so it seems to be beneficial.  Of course it will have to come down during testing, but I am hoping, as much as we have used them, that they can visualize them still there during their tests!

And if you didn't pick up my "Testing Cards Do's and Don'ts" FREEBIE, be sure to go to here to find them!
5-Star Blogger

Charity from The Organized Classroom Blog has posted a challenge for all teacher bloggers.  Are you a 5 Star Blogger?  Head on over to see and pick up your badge!  I am happy to say that I have met the challenge!

Blogging Blessings,
Gosh!  I think it has been forever since I've added a FREEBIE! 

So, this is long overdue!
With state testing on the horizon...I thought some of you might like this!

You can use it in whole group or for small groups in centers.

Pick it up HERE!  

Hope you find it helpful!
You all know what an important part that our furbaby, Miss Maggie Bleu, plays in our family!  So when I saw this Furry Friends Linky Party, you know I had to join!
Our sweet yellow Labrador is 6 years old.  When we first saw her in the litter, she stole our hearts! 

We knew she was our "baby"!

Since she was a baby, she has loved sleeping with stuffed animals!  She has taught me that everyone needs someone to love!

Here she is getting Snoopy ready for bed.

But, her favorite is this {little-bit-stinky-use-to-be-pinky} bunny!

When she brings this to us, we know she is ready for bed!  LOL

She is everything you could ever want...Friendly...Loving...Smart...Loyal...Playful...and the GREATEST Cuddler!

She amazes our friends when we tell her to go get "insert a toy here such as "Wilson", "soccer ball", "bunny", "stick", etc." and she returns with that item!  She's too smart for her own good sometimes.  LOL
She stays right with me when I'm feeling bad or sick!  She has taught me unconditional love!

She has the funniest little personality!  She loves to make up her own games to play...and does she ever love to play!  Fetch in the morning, fetch in the evening, fetch even in the snow!  She IS called a retriever for a reason...
She has taught me that exercise is important...but she has SO MUCH more energy than I do!  LOL

She goes to bed with a toy just in case someone wakes up and might have a desire to play fetch!  LOL  And NO!  She isn't a bit spoiled!  You believe me, don't you???!!!  bwahahahahaha

She loves blogging too...a regular "Blog Dog"!  LOL

She has taught me what it means to be a TRUE FRIEND!

She adores her family, and she misses her "boys" that have grown up and moved out.  She loves her "girl" Kennedy {our granddaughter} who thinks Maggie is the greatest too!
Here's a mosaic I made for Mosaic Monday on my other blog.

She has taught me that sometimes, you just need to let other things go and have some fun!  Life happens way too fast, so stop and smell the roses...or the snow!  LOL

Head on over to Soaring Through Second Grade to hear about many more beloved furry friends!  If you have a furbaby, you might want to link up too!

Maggie's Mommy,

...and I REALLY heart drawing clip art for my members!
This is my newest clip art added to my Member's Area.


When I did my student teaching many years ago, my second placement was in a sixth grade English class.  Basically, I taught writing {which I love} and the Shurley method {which, well, not so much!}  However, I use songs and jingles in my classroom for numerous lessons, so I have always incorporated some of the Shurley jingles in my room. 

This year, I have some girls that spend their recess doing some of high school cheers, as well as, making up their own.  They love to perform them for me when they get them perfected.  So, when we learned the Subject Pronoun, Object Pronoun, and Possessive Pronoun jingles, I had my little cheerleaders lead our class.  They took turns calling "Subject Pronoun Jingle, Ready, OK..."  etc.  They loved doing this, and everyone in class got involved in the cheering.  It was awesome!  Hopefully, they will remember these jingles once TCAP testing begins!

Do you use jingles or songs in your classroom?  I'd love to hear all about it!
Here are the Shurley jingles that I use for pronouns...

Subject Pronouns 
There are seven subject pronouns that are easy as can be ...
I and we  {clap, clap}
He and she  {clap, clap}
It and they and you!  {clap, clap, clap}

Object Pronouns 
There are seven object pronouns that are easy as can be ...
Me and us  {clap, clap}
Him and her  {clap, clap}
It and them and you!  {clap, clap, clap}

Possessive Pronouns 
There are seven possessive pronouns that are easy as can be ...
My and our  {clap, clap}
His and her {clap, clap}
Its and their and your!  {clap, clap, clap}

Classroom Cheers,
Happy Resurrection Day!
Easter Blessings,

I have added Rechenka's Eggs activities to the Member's Area!  Hope you enjoy!
Some days go like clockwork...everything just falls into place.  We love those days!
However, some days it seems that nothing goes right.  If we try not to dwell on the negative, we can usually see a little ray of positive sunshine shining through.  Teresa, at Confessions of a Teaching Junkie, is having a "What Went Right Today" linky party.  I LIKE THAT and had to join!

So, what went right for me today?  Well, it is Good Friday, so that in itself is something that is a HUGE positive!  Thank you, Jesus for what you did for me!  And today was a holiday, so I had the day off!  YAY!  So here is "What Went Right Today" for me...

If you want to see what went right for me this past week, check out my next post.  We had a lot of fun this past week!

Wanna join in on some POSITIVE???  Head on over to Teresa's blog!

Many Blessings,
Meteors...Pysanky Eggs...and Thunder Cake...interesting mix, huh?  lol

This past week, we had such fun with our Patricia Polacco books/author study!
{I'll be uploading my activities for my members at TEACHER'S CHATTERBOX}

My kiddos LOVED learning about pysanky eggs...the history...the colors and patterns...the process of making them.  Then, they designed their own paper pysanky egg.  

They turned out really cute!  Each student had a turn to share his/her egg with the class and tell why colors and patterns were chosen.

Yesterday was THUNDER CAKE day.  A character study, sequencing, and using a recipe were skills that we focused on for this book.  I always watch the weather closely each year when I am doing Patricia Polacco books.  I try to hit it just right for sharing Thunder Cake.  This week, the only day it was suppose to rain was Thursday {our last day this week due to Good Friday}.  I thought it would be a PERFECT way to end this author study...well, the weather didn't cooperate this year.  A storm did actually dismissal!  Ugghh!  We enjoyed Thunder Cake anyway!  

Actually this year, I opted for individual cakes so they could have their own little cake.
Remember, I'll have activities for Rechenka's Eggs and Thunder Cake in the member's area of Teacher's Chatterbox!  If you aren't a member, I'd LOVE for you to consider being one!

Happy Good Friday, everyone!
And many happy Easter Blessings,
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