Prefix Gumball Machines, Questions Answered, and a FREEBIE!

I whipped up these cute little gumball machine graphics this evening.  I also created some activities with them as well.  If interested, they are here.

I have had several emails and posts inquiring about my signature tags, as well as, other questions.  Here are some answers to questions I've received...

Q:  Who makes your signatures for you?
A:  ME

Q:  Where can I find your graphics?
A:  You can find them here and now here!

Q:  What can I do with signature tags that I get from the member's area?
A:  You can add them to your blog posts, use them as decoration on your blog, collect them, add them to your emails.

Q:  What exactly is your member's area?  Can I join?
A:  My member's are is full of printables and graphics for the elementary school teacher.  Anyone can join!  It only costs $6.00 for a three months membership or $10 for a six months membership.  Your membership entitles you to access to everything in the member's area...terms must be followed though...and once your membership time is up, you are more than welcome to continue to use anything you got from the member's area, as long as terms are still followed...and YES, you can make a profit of your created items, as long as you give credit back to Teacher's Chatterbox!

I will mention that your membership is only a fraction of what I have put into the member's area!  The clip art that I have purchased alone values more than $30 plus there is my original clip art and lots of printables!  The small membership fee is just to help maintain the site.

There are lots of signature tags for you, as well!
So, if you like classroom printables, cute clip art, website graphics, and a real bargain...then
Teacher's Chatterbox is for YOU!

If you would like to have either one of these signature tags...or even both of them...then let me know!  Just post here which one{s} you want and what name you want on your signature tag!  For choice 2, add your hair preference too...see hair samples.  I also need an email addy to deliver them to you!  If you'd rather, you can email me your info privately instead of posting!  If you use or display them, please just link back to my blog!  That's it!

So here they are:

Choice 1

Choice 2

 {Hair Samples}

Sweet Blessings,

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