It's A No-Brainer

If you've been coming here a while, you probably know what a proponent of WHOLE-BRAIN LEARNING I am!  I love it, my kiddos love it, and I hope you will love it too!

Have you ever heard "If you are good at Math, you are 'left-brained', and if you are good at Creative Writing and Art, you are 'right-brained' "?  Nobody is "just" right-brained or "just" left-brained.  However, most people do have a dominant side.

But there's another "however"...
However, learning to read and write, doing math, creating art...really, doing anything well...requires using BOTH sides of the brain!  To problem solve and to think clearly requires using BOTH sides of the brain!

Researchers have recently discovered that whole brain learning [or brain based learning] is an excellent strategy, that is both efficient and effective for our kiddos to learn *anything* easily without struggling!

So, you are probably wondering how this works.  Right?  Think about your body...and straight down the middle of your body is the "mid-line".  Every time you move across that mid-line you are improving thinking...problem solving...learning.  So when you move your right arm over the mid-line to your left are using whole brain learning.  When you move your left arm over the mid-line to the right are using brain-based learning!  Easy, right?  

Give yourself a a big hug!
Cross your legs and do "scissors" when you are jumping or doing jumping jacks.
Do the "hula", moving your arms across the mid-line to the other side.

Tell your kiddos that there is ONE AND ONLY ONE RULE:  They must move their right hand across the mid-line to the left side, or vice versa.  Then let them get creative in coming up with ways to do that.

Moving is not the only way to use whole-brain learning.  I'm going to share some posts on more Brain-Based Learning!  I'll share 10 effective strategies for whole-brain learning, some "brain breaks", and many ideas to use in your classroom...which will hopefully become a "brain-based learning classroom". 

Now, let me introduce my new little character, Brainy!  You will see him on my blog in the coming days.   So be sure to check back for that!

When you see what brain-based learning is all about, you will probably think "this is a no-brainer" too!

Brainy Blessings,
*Disclaimer*  I am in no way claiming to be an expert on this subject.  This is merely my thoughts and opinions on the subject from what I have read about brain-based  learning and my experience with brain-based learning in my classroom...nothing else.   


  1. This is very interesting!! I am looking forward to hearing more on this topic. Thanks for sharing!

    1. I find it very interesting too. Thanks!

  2. Little Brainiac is AdOrAbLe . . . I cannot wait to read more! I got SO interested in Brain-based Activities after reading Brain Rules by John Medina a few summers back and I can't get enough! Thank you.

    The Corner On Character

  3. Love whole brain teaching! It made all the difference to the learners in my classroom, especially my kiddos with ADHD. Looking forward to future posts.

    The Teaching Thief
    Fiction Friday: A Celebration of Children’s Literature

  4. I am just learning about this topic. In fact I'm going to a conference in July. I look forward to the rest of your posts.

    1. Awesome! You'll have to share what you learn at your conference!

  5. I've been using Whole Brain Teaching in my classroom for a little over a year and I love it! I attended the national convention in Louisiana a couple of weeks ago. I started a blog earlier this summer about WBT and I hope you get a chance to visit it. You should also check out the WBT website and videos on Youtube. They are really helpful!

    Julie aka Southern Teacher

  6. I too am super into WBT. Definitely following you so I can see more! I am going to be doing a lot of brain breaks this year and try to get a system in place for it! SUper excited! :)

    Reaching for the TOP!

  7. I'm another WBT fan! I love your little Brainy guy! Crossing the midline is so simple, yet so effective. I always remind my students about this, using both sides of the brain!

    Sally from Elementary Matters

  8. Thank you for commenting on my blog. I'm glad I found your site because I am curious about WBT. I'm anxious to hear more about this from you.
    PS I'm following you too!
    Where Seconds Count 2nd grade blog


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