Win Prizes for "Name That Cowboy" Contest

Today's post is about a convo at the teacher store and a way to win prizes in my contest!

Yesterday was a girls' day for my bestie and me.  We spent the morning at the teacher store, The Learning Circle, had lunch at Longhorn Steak, spent the afternoon shopping at Marshall's, TJ Maxx, Ross, and Charming Charlie's, and then Gigi's Cupcakes to top off the day.  FUN...FUN...FUN

So, let's go back to yesterday morning when we arrived at The Learning Circle.  Here's kinda how it went.
store clerk:  "Good morning.  Can I help you find anything or do you just want to browse?"
Me:  "Good morning.  Actually, I am looking for anything to do with cowboys/western for my class theme."
store clerk:  "Oh that's a cute theme.  I have a bulletin board set on sale.  Follow me."
Me:  "On sale sounds good!"  I happily follow her to the sale table.  "Oh, that's cute."
2nd store clerk:  "Oh, there is another bulletin board over there." pointing to the wall full of bulletin board sets.
1st store clerk:  "Here, I'll show you."
Me:  I obediently follow.  This one iss NOT on sale, but I squeal with delight.  "I love this one better!"
1st store clerk: "Oh, and there is border back here to match.  Follow me."
2nd store clerk:  "Be sure to show her the cute bandana letters and hat cut outs."
"Oh, and there's a wanted poster in the poster section."
1st store clerk:  "These bandana and jeans library pockets are too cute."
Me:  "Wow!  You sure do have cowboy/western stuff for my theme!", I chuckled.  
The store clerk takes my items to the counter so I won't have to carry them around {and of course this is a ploy so my hands are free to load up again...and it works!...bwahahahaha}  Boy, did they see me coming!  bwahahahaha

As I browse {finally by myself} I find some other cute things that I know I could use.  I round the corner and come face to face with the cutest little cowgirl puppet!  I just have to have her!  I think a horse would be cute too...I don't find one, but I do find the adorable cowboy to go with her!  That's even better!!!  
They really are my "find" for the morning!!!  I head back to the front counter to see what the damage is.  For all that I'm buying, I am pleasantly surprised at the total.  I think I did well!

Now, can you help me out a little???
1.  Will you help me in naming my cowboy and cowgirl?
2.  Share with me how I could use them in my classroom.

If I choose your cowboy/cowgirl will win this...

The book, Mortimer by Robert Munsch
A journal and bookmark made by me
2 cute little highlighters
Everyone else that contributed either a name and/or idea, will go in a drawing for this...

A K-1 literacy center book
Chip board book {with metal ring}
Pretty paper scalloped edged cut-outs {that fit the chip board book}
Pink and yellow flower sticky notes

Ok, so put your thinking caps on and post your names/ideas.


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks so much for the suggestions!

  2. Butch and Annie (after Butch Cassidy and Annie Oakley)
    Roy and Dale (after Roy Rogers and Dale Evans)
    Tex and Bonnie (after Texas and the state flower, Bluebonnet)
    Ranger and Ria (after Texas Ranger[s] and the Rio Grande) - my second favorite.
    Dillon and Kitty (after Marshall Dillon and Miss Kitty on Gunsmoke) - this is probably my favorite.
    Angus and Elsie (after famous cows..haha!)

    They could be used to teach about Texas, cowboys or the Westward Movement or they could be used in a particular about "Reading Roundup" or "Writing Wranglers?"

  3. Why not name them after characters in books?
    I found a book called "Every Cowgirl Needs a Horse" and the girls name is Nellie Sue..Its written by Rebecca Janni.. and its about how she wants a horse for her birthday so she uses her imagination as if she was on a farm... and eventually she gets a Bike for her birthday and she pretends its a horse...

    There is another simple book called Cowboy Small by Lois Lenski
    And Cowboy Camp by Tammi Sauer (the characters name is Avery which could be your cowboys name)
    I Want to be a Cowgirl by Jeanne Willis (a great rhyming book about a girl that lives in the city and wants to be a cowgirl)
    If you do the Gingerbread story there is The Gingerbread Cowboy that is adorable..

    There is Bubba the Cowboy Prince (its a Cindererlla story) by Helen Ketteman...
    Cindy Ellen: A Wild Western Cinderella By Susan Lowell

    You could name your puppets Nellie Sue and Bubba

    or find a few books and have your students vote on their favorite names of the puppets..

    1. forgot to include my email if you want more ideas..

    2. Wow! Thanks, Christina! I adore Bubba the Cowboy Prince! I'll check out some of the others too!

  4. That is a tough one. They are cute! How about Beau & Cheyenne.

  5. I have some more:

    Alamo & Abilene (after The Alamo and Abilene, TX)
    Sam & Sandy (after Sam Houston & the town of Sandy, TX)
    Smiley & Star (both towns in TX)
    Houston & Hallie (the first is a town, the second is short for the town of Hallettsville, both in Texas)
    Kemp & Katy (both Texas towns)
    Roscoe & Roma (both Texas towns)
    Marshall & Mable (both Texas towns)
    Morgan & Meadow (both Texas towns)

    Okay...I'll stop now. :D

    1. Some more great ones! How will I ever decide? lol

  6. Cute puppets! I like the names Ty or Dallas for the cowboy and the name Callie for the cowgirl.

    If you have a cowboy theme, then they could just be the mascots or your Teacher Helpers:)

  7. Roy Rogers and Dale Evans

  8. Christina had the same idea I thought of as I read your blog post. I do a unit comparing Cinderella stories and I use the ones she mentioned.

    There is Bubba the Cowboy Prince (its a Cindererlla story) by Helen Ketteman...
    Cindy Ellen: A Wild Western Cinderella By Susan Lowell

  9. I think the names above are all good. If they were in my classroom, I would have the kids choose names and vote on the first or second day of school. My own children think they should be named Toy Story characters - Woody and Jessie.

    1. Thanks, Emily. I thought about that but then I thought I might like to go ahead and name them {maybe of famous cowboy/cowgirl} so we could learn about them. Hmmm...

  10. I agree with Emily. It might be fun to let your kids name the puppets. You could have everyone vote after they come up with a list of names. However, if you want to pick them, you could pick two historical figures like Annie Oakley and Buffalo Bill Cody. Your class could do some research on them and learn some historical facts along the way. Your theme is going to be so much fun!!! If you take pictures of your kids at the beginning of the year, it might be fun to have them each wear a cowboy hat and a bandana around their neck for the picture.

    1. I did think of that, Connie, but I thought I might want to go ahead and have them named for either historical or fictional wild west/cowboy names. Hmmm...what to do. lol And thanks for the idea for pictures! :)

  11. My daughter helped me out and she thought Sean the Sheriff and Caleigh the Cowgirl!

    I would make them your class mascots! You can find some cute books about cowboys/cowgirl, or that just have cowboys/cowgirls as the main characters. The kids can bring a book and a doll home each week and take pictures of what they did with the mascot and write about it in a journal/notebook. They bring them back on Monday and at the end of the week another student gets to bring them home. My kids LOVE having mascots and they love getting to look through the books to see what Max & Ruby did the week before!! It's really cute and I put them out for parent teacher conferences and keep the old ones to put out also!

    I do like the idea of letting the kids name them... that would be fun too! Or if you find a book go with the characters from the book!

    1. Thanks for all your great ideas, Steph!

  12. Johnny and Twyla from the following books-

    "Johnny Kaw - The Pioneer Spirit of Kansas."
    "Twister Twyla: The Kansas Cowgirl"


  13. Woody and Jessie from Toy Story - the kids will relate :)


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