Summer Shopping Linky Party

If you are looking for my  Web-errific Wednesday post, I removed it.  No one linked to it so, I just decided to delete that post, and start again.  Can you say "DO OVER!"  LOL  There's a Summer Shopping Linky Party going on, and shopping {retail therapy, if you will} makes things better, so I'm joining in to share what I have bought so far.
My classroom will have a Cowboy/Western theme this next year.  I am super excited at the things I have found so far online.  Let's take a look...
I set this up in my dining room so you could see it better.  I love the barn backdrop!  The adorable table skirt will be great in my reading area!
The wagon wheel will find a place in my chuckwagon area.
The glitter horseshoes that come in three different sizes are TOO cute!  And that "barbed wire" strand is going to work great with my student's work board.
I'll incorporate this into my behavior some way.  Any and all ideas are welcome!
If you are interested in doing this theme in your classroom, 
then here's a FREEBIE for you.  
You might also want to check out this in my TN Shop.
Ok, so instead of Web-errific Wednesdays being a linky party, I'll just add new sites that I find to share.  So, here are the ones I have to share today...
I had given great detail about each site in my original post, but I'm just going to give you a tidbit on each, and you can go check them out.  
This site is SO COOL!  Your kiddos can create stories with awesome artwork that is available on this site.  A must see!

Love this site!  You can create collages, FB banners, edit photos, and more on this site.  It is FREE and NO REGISTRATION REQUIRED!  Can't beat that!

I might have known about this site before, but not sure.  It looks like there is lots of FUN to be had on this one!

This is the coolest!  You upload pictures and then pin items within that picture.  You can link pics to websites for your kiddos...really kewl!  Be sure to browse the Gallery for ideas!

Ok, so that's it for my "DO OVER" post.  tee hee
Now, head on over to Ladybug's Teacher Files to see what everyone else has been shopping for!

Hope you have a most blessed day,


  1. I am sorry nobody linked up. I saw it this morning and just went back to see what other folks had linked up and shared. I had to wait until tomorrow to link up because I had a post planned for the daily 5. I hate when the rules interfer with our fun. Maybe try again another day.

    Queen with Class

  2. You picked up some really cute Western theme items. I like that red wagon wheel! It's always fun to see what teacher buy to decorate their rooms.

  3. Your finds are so fun! I bet your kids love your class! I'm so glad you left a comment on my blog so I could find yours! I am your newest follower...cute, cute, cute!

  4. Fabulous goodies for your room. :)

    Ms. M


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