Lapbooking Lessons

I have such a love for lapbooks.  I have been using this tool in my classroom for several years now.  With  TCAP testing coming up next week, my students have been using their lapbooks for preparation.  These are such a great tool for learning and studying!  They are also wonderful for promoting creativity and creative writing!  LOVE*LOVE*LOVE this idea!

Here are the latest lapbooks that we've created.



The great thing about Lapbooks is that you can use them for any subject!
I'd love to hear the lapbooks that you use!

Classroom Blessings,


  1. You should check out They have so many lapbook unit studies!! And they are so easy to tweak!

  2. I am just jumping into the world of lapbooks. My class is working on a bird one.

    Chickadee Jubilee

  3. I've just recently started making these. They are so much fun! Have you seen this site?
    It has TONS of different templates! Love lapbooks! :)


  4. Love the lapbook ideas! Thanks for sharing!


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