Cheering In The Classroom!

When I did my student teaching many years ago, my second placement was in a sixth grade English class.  Basically, I taught writing {which I love} and the Shurley method {which, well, not so much!}  However, I use songs and jingles in my classroom for numerous lessons, so I have always incorporated some of the Shurley jingles in my room. 

This year, I have some girls that spend their recess doing some of high school cheers, as well as, making up their own.  They love to perform them for me when they get them perfected.  So, when we learned the Subject Pronoun, Object Pronoun, and Possessive Pronoun jingles, I had my little cheerleaders lead our class.  They took turns calling "Subject Pronoun Jingle, Ready, OK..."  etc.  They loved doing this, and everyone in class got involved in the cheering.  It was awesome!  Hopefully, they will remember these jingles once TCAP testing begins!

Do you use jingles or songs in your classroom?  I'd love to hear all about it!
Here are the Shurley jingles that I use for pronouns...

Subject Pronouns 
There are seven subject pronouns that are easy as can be ...
I and we  {clap, clap}
He and she  {clap, clap}
It and they and you!  {clap, clap, clap}

Object Pronouns 
There are seven object pronouns that are easy as can be ...
Me and us  {clap, clap}
Him and her  {clap, clap}
It and them and you!  {clap, clap, clap}

Possessive Pronouns 
There are seven possessive pronouns that are easy as can be ...
My and our  {clap, clap}
His and her {clap, clap}
Its and their and your!  {clap, clap, clap}

Classroom Cheers,


  1. I use lots of Heidi songs in my classroom. The kids love them! If you're not familiar with them go to It's worth the trip!
    Thanks for sharing!

  2. How fun! I had Shurley resources in my room when I moved in, but have never used it. This post makes me want to dig up the rest of the jingles though!

    I'm your newest follower,
    Christi ツ
    Ms. Fultz’s Corner

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