Pysanky Eggs and Thunder Cake!

Meteors...Pysanky Eggs...and Thunder Cake...interesting mix, huh?  lol

This past week, we had such fun with our Patricia Polacco books/author study!
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My kiddos LOVED learning about pysanky eggs...the history...the colors and patterns...the process of making them.  Then, they designed their own paper pysanky egg.  

They turned out really cute!  Each student had a turn to share his/her egg with the class and tell why colors and patterns were chosen.

Yesterday was THUNDER CAKE day.  A character study, sequencing, and using a recipe were skills that we focused on for this book.  I always watch the weather closely each year when I am doing Patricia Polacco books.  I try to hit it just right for sharing Thunder Cake.  This week, the only day it was suppose to rain was Thursday {our last day this week due to Good Friday}.  I thought it would be a PERFECT way to end this author study...well, the weather didn't cooperate this year.  A storm did actually dismissal!  Ugghh!  We enjoyed Thunder Cake anyway!  

Actually this year, I opted for individual cakes so they could have their own little cake.
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Happy Good Friday, everyone!
And many happy Easter Blessings,

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