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We are gearing up for state testing in a couple of weeks.  All year, I've given my kiddos lots of strategies {tools} for their "toolbox" to help them solve, understand, etc.  Recently, I shared with my students that my teachers {many years ago} would tell us to put on our "thinking caps".  We talked about what they meant by that.  Apparently that hadn't heard that expression before because they thought it was wildly funny for some reason.  So, I thought about our state testing {TCAP} so, I decided to pull that expression we have a wall that is titled "Put On Your Thinking CAP for TCAP".  Each time we practice one of our strategies, I post it on the wall.  It is starting to fill up quickly.  The kids refer to the wall often, so it seems to be beneficial.  Of course it will have to come down during testing, but I am hoping, as much as we have used them, that they can visualize them still there during their tests!

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  1. Love the thinking cap idea and tying it into the test name. Very cute! Good luck to your kiddos! ~ Amanda @The Teaching Thief

  2. Like the thinking caps tied in with your test name! Yay you have the badge too!
    Conversations in Literacy

  3. Rebecca I saw a comment you left on another blog and knew I had to hop on over and check out your blog. I love it and I am your newest follower.:0)

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  4. I am following too! Thanks for being an all-star.

    Chickadee Jubilee

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  6. Super cute blog with lots of great resources. Nice to see that you met the five star challenge! How did you create your cute signature?

  7. Hope you don't mind, but linked this on my blog. LOVED this idea!! Thanks so much for posting your great ideas!!

  8. Great post - definitely a 5-Star Blogger! Thanks for linking up!

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