...or Rereading this summer?
As for me, summer vacation is over.  Today was my first day back.  We have inservice for a week before students start back.  But, I am still doing my "summer" reading.  
I am rereading the Daily 5 and also Chris Biffle's book on Whole Brain Teaching for challenging kids.  
I got hooked on whole brain teaching when our district held a system wide inservice with Marsha Tate.  She was awesome!!!    
Since then, I have incorporated whole brain teaching into my classroom.  I found videos by Chris Biffle, but never read Chris Biffle's book.  I get email updates from him from his newsletters, but never read the book.  IMO he is the Whole Brain Teaching guru.  So, I am now the proud owner of his book, Whole Brain Teaching for Challenging Kids.  I'm so excited to read it!!!  To find Chris Biffle's videos...just google him, and you will find all kinds of things by him!  If you do...I'd love to hear about it!
Back to School Blessings, 
Wow!  The 2013~2014 school year is upon us!  Teachers start back in twelve hours!  My summer break has been filled with lots of family and fun!  It's just always hard to get back in that routine...you know what I'm talking about...the 20 min. {if you're lucky} lunch and limited restroom breaks, early mornings and late nights.  But we do it...because Teaching our kiddos' is our Passion!
My theme this year is CAMPING.  I'm not as ahead of the game as I was last year...I planned the entire summer last year...this year I didn't.  
However, I have a good plan, and I know it will all come together!  
I think my kiddos are going to enjoy the CAMPING theme!

I'm ready to get this stuff out of my dining room and into my classroom.  Then just one week until students arrive!  Eeekkk!  I will be done, I will be DONE, I WILL be done!!!  :)
I'll keep you updated!
New School Year Blessings,
It's always so exciting to find new teaching blogs...
New Blogs = More Ideas.  Right? 
I would like to welcome Juggling Genres to blogland and introduce you to it's author...my friend, Carrie, who teaches on my second grade team!  You will find that Carrie is passionate about teaching, and is willing to share her ideas with us in blogland!  So, head on over to Carrie's and FOLLOW JUGGLING GENRES!!!  You will be glad you did!!!

Waving from
The Teacher's Chatterbox,
Do you use an online planbook?  If so, do share.  I just recently heard about this planbook.  After a free trial and consideration, I chose to purchase a one year membership.  I love that it plugs in common core standards!  I know there are other e*planbooks out there, and would love to hear all about the ones you use and love!
Waving from The Teacher's Chatterbox,
Happy 4th of July, everyone!  I hope you all have had a lovely day with family, food, and fireworks!  Thank you to all that have served and are currently serving our great country! Happy Birthday, America!

Today, I'm throwing back my post about my Puppet Theater.
Original post from January 25, 2012

I'm so excited!  I found this awesome Theater/Store/Post Office last Saturday...for $25!  I set it up this afternoon after the kiddos left for the day.  They are going to be SO excited tomorrow when they see it!  A few years ago, I rescued a table top theater from a teacher's trash.  It's been well-loved, but this one is much bigger!  Not only can the kids use my ever-growing puppet collection...

but they can use it as a math center {store} 

or a post office...I'm thinking something with our bucket-filler buckets.

So, do you rescue items from other teachers, as well???  If so, I'd love to hear about your Trash to Treasure{s}!

Now on to the FREEBIE!!!
For the puppet theater, you need puppets, right?
So these puppets are ones that your students can make, and then use in your puppet theater center.

And I have a FREEBIE of 4 CAREER PUPPETS for you as well!
You can pick that up HERE!

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Thanks to Cara for hosting this linky party for us each week!

Happy Throwback Thursday
Happy 4th of July!

It's hard to believe, but here we are again!

Listening:  Love Pandora...and especially love me some James Taylor!
Loving:  Sleeping In!  I am not a morning person anyway, so I love that summer gives me a little more time to sleep...seeing that I am a night owl even through the school year!
Thinking:  I can't believe it!  I start back to school in three weeks!  YIKES!  :)
Wanting:  An iPhone...enough said!
Needing:  To get my theme...I usually have it way before now!  I'm just not feeling it yet...hmmmm
Tips, Tricks, or Hints:  JUST BLOG!  Don't worry about the "perfect" post... Just be YOU!  Blog about what is important to you!  

Now, make your way over to Farley's to check out everyone else's July Currently!

Happy 4th Everyone!

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