New School Year's Eve

Wow!  The 2013~2014 school year is upon us!  Teachers start back in twelve hours!  My summer break has been filled with lots of family and fun!  It's just always hard to get back in that know what I'm talking about...the 20 min. {if you're lucky} lunch and limited restroom breaks, early mornings and late nights.  But we do it...because Teaching our kiddos' is our Passion!
My theme this year is CAMPING.  I'm not as ahead of the game as I was last year...I planned the entire summer last year...this year I didn't.  
However, I have a good plan, and I know it will all come together!  
I think my kiddos are going to enjoy the CAMPING theme!

I'm ready to get this stuff out of my dining room and into my classroom.  Then just one week until students arrive!  Eeekkk!  I will be done, I will be DONE, I WILL be done!!!  :)
I'll keep you updated!
New School Year Blessings,

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