What Are You Reading...

...or Rereading this summer?
As for me, summer vacation is over.  Today was my first day back.  We have inservice for a week before students start back.  But, I am still doing my "summer" reading.  
I am rereading the Daily 5 and also Chris Biffle's book on Whole Brain Teaching for challenging kids.  
I got hooked on whole brain teaching when our district held a system wide inservice with Marsha Tate.  She was awesome!!!    
Since then, I have incorporated whole brain teaching into my classroom.  I found videos by Chris Biffle, but never read Chris Biffle's book.  I get email updates from him from his newsletters, but never read the book.  IMO he is the Whole Brain Teaching guru.  So, I am now the proud owner of his book, Whole Brain Teaching for Challenging Kids.  I'm so excited to read it!!!  To find Chris Biffle's videos...just google him, and you will find all kinds of things by him!  If you do...I'd love to hear about it!
Back to School Blessings, 


  1. I am reading his book right now. I am almost halfway through it. I am definitely going to use WBT in my classroom next year. I don't know how well it will go at first, but all experts are beginners at first, so I hope to become an expert one day by beginning now.

    Charlene/Diamond Mom
    Diamond Mom's Treasury

    1. I love WBT. I hope you have great success with it! And yes, we are all beginners at first! I'm following you on Bloglovin' now! :)

  2. "Worksheets Don't Grow Dendrites" is probably one of the best books I've ever read. Thanks for recommending Chris Biffle's WBT book, I just downloaded it :)

    1. I know, right. I love Marcia Tate! Oh good! Glad you were able to download that book!


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