This past week, not only did we have Halloween dress up...but it was our Red Ribbon Week...and we had dress up EVERY day!  Check it out...
Monday was RED that was pretty normal.  A good start to the week!
Tuesday we wore ridiculous clothes and hair to show that Drugs Are Ridiculous!  Now, the fun begins...kind of a wild day, to say the least!
Of course, Halloween was Wednesday...right there in the MIDDLE of the week...aacckkkkk!
I was Sleeping Beauty...that wig was HOT let me tell ya...and not the good hot!  bwahahahaha
Thursday was Red/White/Blue show our American pride to be drug free...or something like that.  Didn't get a pic of that day...sorry!
We ended the week with PJ Day!  That was my FAV!!!
Hope you had a great week!  It was fun, but I'll be glad to get back to a normal schedule next week!
Many Blessings,
Really?  Another month has begun?  It seems that's all I ever post about lately.  I've got to get caught up...I have 2 pkgs. that I am soooo late in mailing out, no blogging, no freebies...that's got to change!!!
Today, I'll share my November Currently, and then hopefully get back to post an afternoon post...even though it will be two in one day...It's overdue, I think!
Ok, so do you see my first item...listening?  Well, this little guy is moving up in the country music industry....and he is a former student...from when I taught preschool!  O*M*G  If you haven't heard of Dustin Lynch yet, you HAVE to check this cutie out!  It was sooooo awesome to see him on the red carpet at the CMA Awards the other night!  One of his songs, Last Lap, is actually about our town.  So cool!  Go check out Dustin and fall in love with his music!!!
Cowboys and Angels
She Cranks My Tractor
And if you feel so can vote for him here.
Thanks for taking a peek!
I am beyond excited that tomorrow is the last day before break.  October is such a GREAT month anyway, and that is the icing on the cake!  My hubby's birthday is the 8th, our grangirl's birthday is the 9th, and mine is the 11th.  There are other special people that have October birthdays, as well.
I'm so ready for this seems like forever since we started in July!!!  We have a royal ball to attend for a very special little soon-to-be-3 year old girl...
...our beautiful grangirl, Kennedy Grace.  Oh how I love that girl!  I am putting the finishing touches on my royal costume, and Pa is finishing up his as well.  It is sure to be a grand time with our little Princess!!!  Then, the sweet Princess will be visiting us for several days, as much FUN planned for us!  And then there is more sweet fun on Halloween!  I heart October!
Ok, so it is Currently how 2012 has flown by!
For the "BOOK", we are suppose to share our favorite Fall, Halloween, etc. book...I adore Stellaluna!  The story is heartwarming and the pictures are precious...take a look...
Last year, I created a Stellaluna unit.  I plan on using it again this year.  You can find it here.
I have other fall books that I love, as well...since autumn is my favorite time of year!
Trick or Treat, Smell My Feet!
So, what are your favorite fall books?  Head over to Farley's to check everyone else's out!
October Blessings,
Wow!  This is only my third post for the whole month!  
I tell's been KuH-rAzY Busy!
Here's what we've been up to at school...
A little of this...A little of that!
Johnny Appleseed Unit
We began a lapbook on Johnny Appleseed and All About Apples.  Last week, we finished our Johnny Appleseed part, and we'll add the All About Apples to our lapbook.
Thanks for the emails of concern!
I know several of you have been following the case of Megan, my neighbor's daughter that was murdered, dumped and burned back in July, that I posted about here.
Here's the latest...It has been a say the least.  
There is a prime suspect, and he is one BOLD person!  He has made threats to the family and has had contact with one of Megan's sisters at a local ballgame where introduced himself to her as "I'm the prime suspect...I'm Donnie Mother Effin' Jones and you don't want none of this!"  He has a rap sheet a mile long and seems untouchable.  We've had police patrolling our neighbor constantly.  I've hardly slept at night for fear of this guy.  He has raped before among other things, and has gotten off because his mother and her boyfriend are known in the community.  They have hard evidence against this guy, and at this point, we are just waiting on the DA that is over the county where the location of the murder actually took place.  I won't go into the horrific details, but I will say that she was lured by this person's wife who commuted to nursing school with Megan.  She was raped, beaten with a crow bar, dumped, and burned.  There are too many twists and turns to go into it, so if you'd like to find out more, here are some links for you to do so.  This past Friday, the suspect's home was searched after a tip...and since he is a 4 time felon, and they found a firearm, he was arrested.  He won't be getting out anytime soon...we can all now breathe a sigh of relief!  And maybe this will help the DA to get his act together to charge him for this horrifically brutal crime against Meg!!!
Anyway, you can do your own research on this if you choose to from the links below.
Blink On Crime...Suspect
Blink on Crime...Suspect Arrested
Be blessed and hugs your loved ones tight!
God Bless,

Hi all!  Just wanted to pop in and let you all know that I have added two new cute clip art packs to Speckles and Spots...Johnny Appleseed and Lil Spooks are awaiting to be added to your Fall/Halloween creations!
Thanks for taking a peek!
Many Blessings,
Our Meeting Area/Reading Rug
{The area above the board is starting to fill up with I-Can charts.  More pics to come.}

Our Daily Five

Our Rules

Writing Area

Poem of the Week

I have the best helpers!

Jobs and their descriptions

Our Book Boxes and Our Buckets

Reading Rod Center


Our Book Barn...a class favorite for sure!
My messy area...YiKeS!

Our Center "I Can" Charts are placed above our Meeting Area board for easy access for students to refer to as needed.

Practicing our *Read To Self*
{When I first saw this pic, I thought, "Where are all the book boxes?!!?"  Duh!  The kids have them.  bwahahahaha}

We are really working to build our stamina!

We LOVE activities that involve food!  lol

Thanks for stopping by!

Many Blessings,
Obviously, I've been away from Blogland for a bit!  I have hardly had time to turn around since school began!  After some switching around of teachers {thankfully not me, but in my grade level} due to increased enrollment, and shifting of some kiddos {which did effect my class}, I think we are settling in.  Then, those little kiddo germs attacked!  I hate being sick so early into the school year but a doctor's visit was in order, and with that, orders to stay home for a day!
Now, here we are with a three day weekend...Yay, right?  Wrong!  Kidney stones aren't something to celebrate!!!  Friday morning I was in a dress and heels, taking school pictures with my class...two hours later, I was in a hospital gown, hooked to an IV, and begging for drugs!  OMG!  It came on so fast!  I've never experienced kidney stones before, and I hope and pray I never do again!  I got home yesterday afternoon, and now resting comfortably!  PTL!!!  But we did have to cancel our trip to the Tennessee Aquarium with our sweet little grandgirl.  :(  We'll make that up soon though!
And I pray that this isn't how the rest of my year will go.  

And I am going to break the ultimate blog rule...I'm going to post more than once I can get caught up some.  I hope that's ok!
Many Blessings,
{click on pic to read}
So, I started back to school on July 25 {inservice} and had kiddos for the first time this past Wednesday.  Our school building is just a year old, and we are already bursting at the seams!  We keep getting kiddos daily...  So, yesterday afternoon our principal called an after school meeting.  We are getting two new teachers starting in kindergarten and one in second grade.  So, some of the kiddos I had the past three days may not be in my class starting on Monday.  :(  We shall see how this plays out, as things are changing daily.  I am thinking that rezoning of schools will take place next year!  
Anyway, here is my August Currently.  Be sure to head over to Farley's to see what everyone else is currently doing.
 I'll be back soon to share more back-to-school happenings!
Back 2 School Blessings,
 It is completed!  My hubby is wonderful!  On Monday, when I got home from the chiropractor and running errands, my sweet hubby had it already painted for me.  He could have done a number of things on this day off, but he finished this up for me so I wouldn't have to get out in the hot garage to paint.  I just love him!
Today, I met my former teammates {two of which I have worked with for 14 years and 7 years, respectively} for lunch.  I'm excited to be moving to second grade this year, but I am sure gonna miss these two!  They are the BEST teammates and friends ever!  We had a nice time, and vowed to do this often!  We are too good of friends not to, and I know we will! my first day of the 2012-2013 school year!  
Yep, you read that right...
I start back TOMORROW!  

So, I'm enjoying this tonight.  :)

Kiddos start next Wed.  I can't believe summer is over and the new school year is upon us...but I'm also excited to start a new a new grade.  
So, when do you start back???  
I hope you enjoy the rest of your summer!
Many Blessings,

P.S.  Be watching for some freebie Back To School graphics soon!
Recently, I shared a picture of a barn that I found on a teacher's blog.  So, I talked my sweet hubby into making it.  We worked together on the design to make it fit my needs, and we went to work.

Cutting out the first side of the barn...

So then we used the first one for a template for the next one.

Cutting the two by twos went much quicker!

 The frame went well.

This was the fun part...putting it together.

I will use the top of the barn for holding book baskets.  There's a bar at the top for support, that I can use for hanging things.

Now, it is just awaiting some red paint and white trim.  I'll post pics when we get that completed...but I'm loving it so far!  I think my kiddos will love it too!
Many Blessings,
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