Remember Me???

Obviously, I've been away from Blogland for a bit!  I have hardly had time to turn around since school began!  After some switching around of teachers {thankfully not me, but in my grade level} due to increased enrollment, and shifting of some kiddos {which did effect my class}, I think we are settling in.  Then, those little kiddo germs attacked!  I hate being sick so early into the school year but a doctor's visit was in order, and with that, orders to stay home for a day!
Now, here we are with a three day weekend...Yay, right?  Wrong!  Kidney stones aren't something to celebrate!!!  Friday morning I was in a dress and heels, taking school pictures with my class...two hours later, I was in a hospital gown, hooked to an IV, and begging for drugs!  OMG!  It came on so fast!  I've never experienced kidney stones before, and I hope and pray I never do again!  I got home yesterday afternoon, and now resting comfortably!  PTL!!!  But we did have to cancel our trip to the Tennessee Aquarium with our sweet little grandgirl.  :(  We'll make that up soon though!
And I pray that this isn't how the rest of my year will go.  

And I am going to break the ultimate blog rule...I'm going to post more than once I can get caught up some.  I hope that's ok!
Many Blessings,


  1. Maybe you've just gotten all the bad over with and the rest of the year will be wonderful!! Sure hope so!!

    Spotted Around the School

  2. I'm so sorry you were sick. I hope you are resting and are feeling better.

  3. Oh you poor thing! I hope you're better soon!
    Third Grade All Stars


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