I Heart Centers!

Small groups during Reading is one of my favorite times of the day!  Not only are students actively involved in literacy activities, but I get to meet with my students in a small group setting!  Last post I shared how my small group center works, as well as, how my assistant's center works, but I thought I'd show you a little more about what the other kids are doing during the time they don't meet with us.

Word Wall is a center that gets students involved.  {We don't have many words collected yet as we are at the beginning of school...and at the time of this pic, we hadn't even started yet...lol.}  Once we gather many words on the wall, then this center will be introduced, modeled, practiced, and then begun.  I hope this year's students enjoy it as much as former students have!

Computers is a favorite of most!  They aren't playing games here {unless they are literacy games} but are hearing stories online, working on phonics/phonemic awareness or possibly doing a webquest. 

Storyline Online is a favorite to many!  Others are Between The Lions, AOL KidsStarfall, and Magic Keys.

This is our Focus Board for Reading.  We begin the week here to introduce our new story, vocabulary, skills, and strategies for the week.  This becomes a center during small group where students work with the vocabulary words from the week's words, as well as, previous vocabulary lists.  Sometimes they use the picture cards that go along with our story for retell and sequencing.  This gets students prepared for the vocab test on Fridays, but more importantly our Vocabulary Skits which they dearly LOVE!

Read and Write the Room is always a hit!  I have gathered and collected pointers for years that always capture wonderful words around our classroom!  And KuRazy, FuNkY glasses always seem to work better for spotting words in the room! 

Activities in this center vary from finding interesting words A-Z to locating words with particular  spelling patterns.  Once they have collected a predetermined number of words, they share their words with a partner from their group.  When both partners have shared, they set out to gather more words until that center time is up.

Who says board games don't have a place in centers?!  These games are rich in vocabulary, reading skills, and strategies.  Plus, they are just so MUCH fun!

Other centers that I have are:
Listening Center
Poetry Center
Reader's Theater
Puppet Theater
Recording Studio
BIG Books
Book Nook

h goodness!  I know I've left out some!
Do you use centers in your classroom?  I'd love to hear about the ones that you use and have been successful!  If you don't use centers, I hope that I have peaked your interest!  Like I said, this is one of my very favorite times of the day!
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