Dr. Isabel Beck

Don't you just love Isabel Beck?!  I have been a follower of this lady for some time now.  Her books and programs for vocabulary are chockful of ideas for bringing words to life in your classroom...hence the name of this book that she authored...


So when our school purchased the vocabulary program of "Elements of Reading", {Dr. Beck co-authored it} I was thrilled!  I couldn't wait to begin this with my kiddos!  I don't know why, though, I was surprised when they met this with great enthusiasm too!  THEY ADORED THIS PROGRAM...
And my students today love it as much as my students did the first year I began this program.

Lets take a look at the components of this program...

There is a story a week that is read aloud by the teacher.  Seven vocabulary words are focused on each week. 

You receive vocabulary cards for each weekly story.

Colorful real-life picture cards accompany each story.  A sentence with the vocabulary word is on the back of each picture card.  The kids enjoy matching these up with the word cards.

There are awesome engaging activities that really get the kids excited and involved!  THEY LOVE THE WORD CHATS!

Workbooks have never been more fun!  Each page is colorful and fun that really get the kids' interest!  My kiddos BEG to do these!  There are several workbook pages per story with a quick "bubble in" quiz at the end. 

So, if you haven't checked out any of Dr. Beck's work, you must do that NOW!  lol  You'll be so glad you did!
Enjoyed our chat and look forward to our next one,

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  1. This looks great! I am not the biggest fan of our basal series. The vocab is kind of...easy. So I just bought Wordly Wise 3000. It's usually for higher students, but I'm going to push my other ones too. I can't see your followers button, so I'll keep checking back.


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