A Love For Reading

Teaching reading is my passion.  As a child, I didn't like to read a lot.  I was a good reader but when it came to chapter books, I think I just couldn't keep my attention on it long enough.  Now, I love to read, and I love to teach reading!

When Reading First was the "in thing", I was asked to help write the grant for my school.  Having a strong reading comprehension program with rich language and vocabulary is a must, however, grant-writing isn't really my forte'....but I digress.  I came across so many strategies that worked well in my class!  The kids loved them and actually got excited about learning!
We all learn in different ways, and kids are no different.  We, as educators, need lots of tips and tricks in our teacher toolboxes!  As you know, when you get kids involved in their learning...talking with their peers...getting hands-on... and doing activities other than just paper-pencil, they are going to  be more enthusiastic about learning!  Personally, I get GIDDY (probably more than I should...lol) when I find new strategies to use with my kiddos!  You do have to model and practice partner/group activities just like you would for centers so guidelines are established and practiced, and mastered so students can be successful...but you already know that!  :) 
So that's why I created this huge reading and vocabulary strategies packet.  There are 80+ pages and it was a real labor of love for me!  Everything is right in one place to pick and choose what works best with our students.  Each one is tried and true.  Of course I have my favorite go-tos.... Anticipation Guide,Carousel Graffiti, and Appointments for reading strategies....

and Pictionary, Word Bump and Paint Chip Vocabulary for vocabulary.   Perhaps you are needing some new ideas, as we all do!  I'd love for you to check it out.  You can find it HERE.  

As always, I appreciate you stopping by!  It does my heart good to share and connect with other teachers!

Chatterbox Blessings,


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