ABC's Aren't Just for Littles!

I love alphabet books!  Actually, I collect them! 
If you think that these wonderful ABC books are just for babies, toddlers, or littles, I'd love to share with you how I use my 4th grade class!
I adore Graeme Base...and Animalia is an amazing ABC book!  The illustrations alone will keep you busy for hours!  
They are just STUNNING!  
AND....the rich vocabulary in this book  is a must for older students!


Alliteration is so much fun...think tongue twisters!  We loved trying those out as a kid...ok, so some of us still do...tee hee
Alphabet Soup is a book with gorgeous illustrations.  When Otter moves, he throws a housewarming potluck party.  26 friends ( for each letter of the alphabet) are asked to bring something for that letter to put into the soup.  Sweet book with sweet pictures!

When doing a theme study, bring in alphabet books....there are a ton out there!  
Work your way through the alphabet as you learn about your theme!
Michael Shoulders is another author and illustrator of alphabet books.  I have had the pleasure of meeting him, when he visited our school!

OMG!  I love this book!  Liza loves her crayons so much....
but when she draws all over her wonderful blank canvas (unfortunately it was her wall) she gets her beloved crayons taken away for the, she is left with using her imagination and creativity to fullfill that need for color. 
 LOVE this book!  

Create a class alphabet book!  Choose a theme, assign (or have students pick) letters.  and create!  You can do the same thing with a class alliteration book!

Really?  An ABC center in upper grades?  YES! Of course! Get a three ring binder.  Add a page for letters A-Z.  Whenever students come across things that start with a certain letter, they add it to that page of the book.  
Then when you have the ABC center out for use, they will choose a certain subject (i.e. on the "W" page they might choose George Washington) and research the subject.  My kids love this!

So...if you teach older students, and you haven't thought about it before....
Take out those Alphabet Books...and put them to good use!!
And if you use them already, I'd LOVE to hear how YOU use them!

Chatterbox Blessings,

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