I'm Back....

From where you ask...
From a car accident...to losing our beloved furbaby, Maggie Bleu...I've been out of sorts for a bit.  There have been good times though, and I cherish them more than ever!
Now I'm back...and SO happy to announce that I will be teaching 4th grade this coming year...and only teaching Reading/L.A. and Social Studies...JUST MY FAVS!!!!
So...I'll be stalking more fourth grade blogs but will not forget all of my other blog reads, as you all have such wonderful, creative ideas!
I have two weeks left of summer vacation...Yeah, you read that right...2 weeks left!  Inservice begins on July 21 and students come back July 29.  I'm excited about my new 4th grade team...will miss my 2nd grade team terribly...and look forward to what the new school year holds.
I'll be back to blogging regularly soon...I've truly missed it!
Enjoy the rest of your summer!!!
I'd love to hear when you go back to school!
Many Blessings,


  1. So sorry to hear about you accident and losing your dog - both very traumatizing. Congrats. On the new job. Glad to hear from you!

  2. Thank you, Susan! The accident was a hit and run but they caught the guy. Our sweet Maggie Bleu doesn't hurt anymore but we miss her so much...It hurts. I was in third grade for 14 years then in second grade for 2. I'm excited about my new venture in fourth! Thanks again for posting!!! Have a blessed day!


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