Happy Birthday, Dr. Seuss

We've all grown up with the wonderfully, whimsical characters of Dr. Seuss.  What smiles and laughter he has given to children, of all ages, over the years...and his books just keeping giving...and will continue to give!
Thank you Theodor ~Seuss~ Geisel
Happy 110th Birthday!
We are celebrating Dr. Seuss and Read Across America this week.  I've got my hat ready!  I'll post pictures of each day's events!  I can't wait!

Chatterbox Blessings,

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  1. Thanks for stopping by my science blog. I teach science to over 400 k-5th graders. LOVE my job. We use FOSS as a base, but I add my own twist. We have a farm to school grant, so next week we start planting indoors. I will be posting a ton of ideas, sheets, and photos so you can see what we do for our school garden. We are in our second year. We are going bigger and hope to supply our lunchroom with veggies! We are adding a kinder"garden" this year to go with the new NGSS standards. Love your blog!

    Renee from the science school yard


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