❤ Feel The Love ❤

Hope you all had a Happy Valentine's Day!
My kiddos had the best time creating and celebrating the ❤❤❤!
Our story this week was The Valentine Bears.
I created a cute packet for this sweet story by Eve Bunting.
Our Valentine week was cut short with TWO snow days...which no one seemed to mind!  :)
But we did have to spend a lot of time on Valentine's Day doing some necessary crafting that we missed out on those two days.  
Thankfully, we had already taken all the pictures for our parent/grandparent valentine!
So all we had left was to assemble them!
They turned out SO cute!!!
We also made Valentine mail bags for our valentines...
We used hearts to create...
the CUTEST designs for them!

...the afternoon away!
Then...Mrs. Wrinn went home to her Valentine to celebrate her 27th wedding anniversary!
Hope you enjoyed some time with your sweet students and you special valentine!

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