Making Our Own Braille

Today, my kiddos made their own Braille...they were super excited about this!  They worked so hard and careful to punch out all of the dots so they could start using it.  It was a huge success with everyone!  If you missed my last post about Helen Keller...then be sure to scroll down to yesterday's post to see what we have learned and been doing in correlation with our story, Helen Keller.

BTW...this activity is simple to make!  Just print the Braille out and give everyone a copy.  
They will turn their paper over to the back and punch each dot through with the tip of their pencil {make sure pencils are sharp and stress to them not to punch hard!}  

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  1. I'm definitely going to try your Braille idea. We're reading Mom's Best Friend and learning about Braille, too. Thanks for the great tip!


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