Tomorrow afternoon is our Take 10 Training.
I believe in brain-based learning, so I am soooooo excited!

Can't wait to share what I learn!

Chatterbox Smiles,
It's back to work I go!

Oh how I have enjoyed my Spring Break!  Tomorrow I head back though after my two glorious weeks off.  I know my kiddos will have lots to tell me!  Some of them had signed up for the Field Trip Frenzy, Mad Scientist, Hunting, etc. classes that were offered during the first week of break.  One student was going on a cruise and another was going to go camping.  So, in my plans for the day, I HAD to leave some time for them to share with us what they did.  

This evening, I've been busy finishing up some laundry, picking out my outfits for the week {still gotta decide which I'll wear tomorrow}, getting my snack/lunch ready, etc.  My teacher bag is already packed!  The bigger the bag, the more stuff I find myself cramming in it!  LOL

Now, to decide if I need the turquoise or the pink purse for tomorrow.  More than likely, I'll be in a PINK mood!
I'm SO LOVING spring colors again!

So, do you get your clothes ready the night before?  Clothes for the whole week?  Or just grab-n-go in the mornings?  I use to do the grab-n-go but in my old age, I have to be more organized than I use to be. LOL

A Week's Worth Of Blessings,
Mrs. Rider at Literacy and Laughter is hosting a 

I LOVE books, so I had to join!  

Bottom shelf holds crates on books for the listening center

Apple Theme vignette

The kids love to read on the reading rug!

Behind me you can see shelves of books.

Self Selected Reading basket

Baskets of books

I also have a cart full of books and BIG books on a rolling stand that I don't have pics of.

Come on over and join in the fun!!!

Mrs. Lanni
Kelly B.

Congrats ladies!  I'll be getting in touch with you to get you all set up!  Thanks everyone!

Many Blessings,

I love blogging!  I love sharing ideas, finding new things from others, and making teacher friends in blogland!  It is so exciting when you get a new follower!  It wasn't too long ago that I reached 100.  Now, I have reached over 200!!!  Thank you all that follow my blog!  I am humbled and feel so blessed that you chose to follow me!  

So, I have a FREEBIE and a GIVEAWAY for you!

I hope you enjoy this little girl clip art that I drew just for you.  There are terms enclosed, so please read and follow them.  Thank you!

Just click HERE to download.

Now for the GIVEAWAY...

I will be choosing 3 people for a 6 months membership to my site
So leave me a comment to be entered in the drawing!

Then get your name in the drawing additional times by doing the following...
a 2nd time by becoming a follower of my blog
a 3rd time by adding my shop button to your sidebar
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Thanks everyone, and good luck!
I will draw three names on FRIDAY, MARCH 23, 2012!!!

Spring Blessings,
What a fabulous first week of Spring Break in the mountains!

 Our cabin was so nice and relaxing!

The hot tub in the morning and the evening, and sitting by the cozy fire at night was amazing!

Miss Maggie Bleu enjoyed her first vacation too...the long drive, though, not so much!

And we got to spend time with our youngest son, DIL, and grandbaby!
Now I'm all rested up for my 2nd week of Spring Break which will consist of cleaning and painting on the house, lunch dates with friends, and a massage!

Gotta get geared up for TEST PREP MODE when I return to work~!

I have not forgotten about my 200 follower Giveaway!  Be watching in the next couple of days for info!!!

Spring Blessings,

It seems like I was just doing this for February!  My how this school year is flying by!
4 days until my 2 week Spring Break...then 5 weeks until TCAP and 9 weeks until summer...unbelievable!
So here's my currently for March.  You can check out what everyone else is doing here.

And WOO HOO!  I have just reached 200 Followers!  And as promised, I'll be giving away a bundle of goodies!  Be watching on how to enter the drawing!

Waving from The Chatterbox,
I have a FREEBIE for y'all tonight!  And once I get to 200 followers, I'll have a bundle of goodies for you all!

Here's a little symmetry workpage and mini poster.
I hope you enjoy!  
If you are looking for more wonderful goodies, come check out Teacher's Chatterbox.  For a membership fee of $5 {for 3 months} or $10 {for 6 months} you have access to a bunch of cute stuff!!!

I just uploaded original clip art of that cute little pig we all love!

I have also uploaded a cute 8 page symmetry booklet.

Wishing you all a lovely week!
Chatterbox Blessings,

A BIG THANK YOU to Julie at Lighting A Fire In Third Grade for the One Lovely Blog Award!  I am so honored and humbled.

Here are the rules:
1.  LInk back to the blogger who gave you the award.
2.  Pass the award on to 15 other lovely bloggers {ok, I only did 11}
3.  Become a follower of the person who sent it to you.

So here are my picks for the One Lovely Blog Award...

Courtney at Miss Third Grade
Stephanie at Teaching in Room 6
Ms. Morton at Love Bug Learning
Jana at Thinking Out Loud

Be sure to head over and visit their lovely blogs!
Thanks again, Julie!

Chatterbox Blessings,
At our school, third graders enjoyed activities this week for Dr. Seuss and Read Across America.  However, today we didn't get to have all of our Dr. Seuss "Hat Day" activities.  We had planned so many activities around Reading, Math, and other subjects but that was cut short due to severe weather.  We dismissed school two hours early and spent some of the morning in "duck and cover" mode.

So here's what we did get to do...  some of our Cat in the Hat reading activities , some of our Hat Day Math activities, and make our Cat's Hat snack.  We've enjoyed a fun Seuss-tastical week, despite the Hat Day disappointment. 

Hope you all had a great Seuss-tastical week!  Those of you that are in the path of storms too, stay safe!  Praying for you all!


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