All Worth It!

Each year, our school presents one senior that was a former student of our school with a scholarship.  Tonight, I had the honor of announcing the recipient of the East Lincoln Elementary of my former students.

I don't particularly like public speaking but it went ok...and I was not going to turn this chance blessing down!  I don't remember everything I said, but I do remember describing this young man when I had him in third grade.  I will always remember him with a huge smile on his face.  He was full of hopes and dreams even in third grade, and I knew he would go far!  He has accomplished so much in his high school years...and will continue doing so as he heads off to Belmont College on a scholarship, as well!

Actually, I had the pleasure of teaching all of the kids in this precious family!  They are all doing great things!  Great kids!  Great parents!    Me...blessed!!!  This is what it's all about!
{The oldest girl isn't pictured as she is away at college.  Luckily the oldest son was home from college for the awards ceremony}.

Feeling extremely blessed tonight!


  1. Such a great experience that you got to present a former student with a scholarship! Wonderful!
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  2. How awesome to do this for one of your former students. I don't like public speaking, but sometimes I HAVE to force myself to do it.:)


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