Working Together

At the beginning of the school year, I establish a "community" in my classroom by using books, skits, bucket fillers, activities, discussions, etc.  I'm sure many of you do the same!  I just had to snap a quick pic because my kiddos work together so well, and I know it is because of establishing that community right away.  It makes me smile when I see my kiddos, like this, working together and working out differences with others.  The two students here are using "Rock, Paper, Scissors" to make a decision.  They have many other ways that decide, as well.  It just makes the classroom a happy place when they are working out their problems instead of tattling.  What kinds of things do your students do to make decisions when they can't agree on an answer?

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  1. Not about working together but just wanted you to know I just visited your personal blog! Love the name, and love the pictures of Tenn. My brother lives in Kingsport (Piney Flatts really) I would love to live there!
    Have a great week!

  2. I love it when students are like that! makes you delete like you've done something right :)

  3. Rock paper scissors is big in my class, too:)
    Grade ONEderful

  4. I LOVE those moments- the times when you look around the room and realize that everyone is engaged in learning and all the time spent on management in the beginning is so worth it!

    My group also loves the rock paper scissors decision. I just taught them eeny- meeny- miney mo- I was surprised that they hadn't heard that before!


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