Peek Into My Planbook and FREEBIE

This week during our Rocks and Minerals unit students learned through many hands on activities.  We started off the week with a KWL chart.  Students had many"W's" they wanted to learn, and by the end of the week, we have covered everyone's question.

One day, students enjoyed comparing rocks by different properties.  Rocks are always fascinating to my students each year, and this year was no different.

I also shared my pics of when I went mining in North Carolina when I was in college.  They loved seeing me in old "work" clothes with my pick, bucket, etc.

Our last day, we had the best time making our own rocks.  I got so excited with it myself...I didn't get any pictures.  :(  Why do I do that???

Anyway this is what we did.  I brought in chips of "rocks" in three different colors.

dark brown colored "rocks"

white "rocks"

and yellowish brown colored "rocks.
Yeah...they were chocolate, white chocolate, and butterscotch chips.

With putting the chips in ziploc bags, and dipping them in a bowl of hot water, we saw how the rocks melt.  Then by putting them in cold water, the rocks hardened.  When placing a layer of soft rocks of each "flavor" on top of each other, sedimentary rocks could be formed.  We saw how the rocks can crumble into smaller pieces.  They LOVED this!  Plus they got to EAT their rocks. 

And here's a FREEIE for you!
So, now go over and take a peek into other teacher's planbooks for the week!
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  1. Hi Rebecca:

    Thanks for stopping by my site--and thanks for leaving a comment.

    I love your rock activity! I am hoping to adapt it and use it on Monday with my sixth graders--we are studying the rock cycle too!

    Thanks for the peek in your planbook.

    Finding JOY in 6th Grade

  2. Back at you! You have a lovely blog, that I am now following:-)


  3. I LOVE the chips idea for showing the rock cycle! I wish I was still teaching Science so I could so that to my 5th graders. Might just have to pass this along to my teammate...

  4. What a cute idea to make your own rocks! I bet the kids loved that! It makes me wish we studied rocks and minerals!

  5. Love your ideas! Very cute! I'll remember this when I am teaching rocks later this year. :)


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