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Recently, I attended the National Title One Conference in Nashville, TN.  
This awesome four-day conference was held at the gorgeous Opryland Hotel!  
My teaching team had the best time and learned some good stuff!  
On Monday, our keynote speaker was Dr. Steve Perry {sorry Journey fans...not THAT Steve Perry!  hee hee}  I could have listened to him all day!  AwEsOmE!!! 
You know how I love to learn more about and implement Brain Based Activities, right?  So, I LOVED the session, The Brain Campaign, led by Rick DuVall.  My next post will be dedicated to what I learned in this session!
But then.....
The highlight was hearing Harry and Rosemary Wong!  Oh yeah!!!  It was a GREAT way to end the conference!!!
Ok...so I'll leave you with some photos of our FUN after the sessions were done each day!!!
(picture from our balcony)
Getting our hair "did" for dinner!
This was a great place in the hotel to sit and unwind...

overlooking the waterfalls, sipping your beverage of choice, relaxing, and hanging with your friends!
One of the bridges in the hotel
Checking out this HUGE hotel!!!
We found Shrek's house, but no one was home...or at least, he wouldn't open the door for these kuh-Razy teachers!!!  tee hee
EATING at some awesome places...
Ok...so not only did we learn some awesome, beneficial stuff, but we ate well and had LOTS of fun hanging together which we rarely ever get to do!  It's awesome to get to know your cohorts outside of the walls of the school building!  My teaching team is AWESOME!!!
Until next time...waving from The Teacher's Chatterbox,
Be sure to head over to Farley's to see everyone else's Currently...and maybe you'd like to join in the FUN! 
February Blessings,
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