Legend of the Poinsettia FREEBIE

I adore Tomie dePaola's books!  I am so lucky to not only have met this wonderful author, but also got to share in his birthday celebration...with him as the guest speaker...a few years ago in Reno at the IRA Conference.

Today, I shared The Legend of the Poinsettia with my class.  They loved this sweet book...as do I.  Then we created our story map for the book and created our own poinsettia Christmas ornaments.  This craft is cute and easy!  Students trace their hands on red and green construction paper.  They curl the fingers {by using a pencil to roll the fingers up}.  Glue together.  Then with their red scraps, they tear {not cut} small pieces.  They glue these pieces in the middle of the flower . . . this gives great texture!  Then they add a small handful of punched yellow paper to the center.  Add a hook, ribbon, or string to the back...and voila!  A really cute Christmas ornament! 

Grab the story map for this activity!

Hope you are enjoying Christmas in your classroom, as well!
Many Blessings,

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