All Aboard...

Don't you just love the movie, Polar Express?
I look forward to this day, chockfull of fun, each year!
Here's what we did this year...
Of course, we wore our pajamas to school!
{And it just so happened that Mrs. Wrinn's grandgirl was in town to spend the weekend , so she got to come to her Gramma's school and participate in this fun day too!}
Polar Express tickets were delivered to our classroom...and as we headed toward the train...we heard, "All Aboard!  Well, what are you waiting for?"
The gentleman kept looking at his pocket watch...and worrying about arriving "somewhere" on time...
It was the CONDUCTOR!
He punched our tickets and lead us aboard.
After getting our picture taken on the train, 

we headed down the tracks to...

the POLAR ExPrEsS movie...

After the movie, a package arrived...all the way from... THE NORTH POLE... with our very own silver bell!!!  Wow!  Was that package ever COLD!
We also enjoyed chocolate milk and cookies, 
played games, 

and made a train AND bell craft too!

FUN was had by all...even Mrs. Wrinn's grandgirl...and the conductor {*shhhhhh*top secret*** Mrs. Wrinn's husband!}

Do you have Polar Express Day at your school?  If so, I'd love to hear all about the activities that you do!!!


  1. How fun! I must admit that I've never seen The Polar Express :/

  2. When I was in second grade, we did a Polar Express day too! The kids wore their pajamas and "traveled" to the different classrooms to visit stations and get their ticket stamped. Each station was a different activity - reading the book, singing carols, making cards, etc. In the afternoon, we would watch the movie. So much fun!

    Sara :)
    The Colorful Apple


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