Halloween Parade and November Currently

Like a witch on her broom, October flew right past...and here we are in November!
During the month of October, I had a two week fall break, missed three days of work due to a horrendous stomach thing, and got three new students! 
We ended the month with our Halloween Parade and party.  The kiddos enjoyed way to much sugary treats and parading in the gymnasium!  Teachers dressed for the occasion, as well!  Here's is our 2nd grade team...THE FOUR SEASONS...of course I was autumn!
Now here we are in November.  And with that comes the November Currently.
So this is what I am currently doing...
Listening: to my dog snoozin' beside me.  She is a faithful companion!
Loving:  Autumn is beautiful in the south right now!
Thinking:  Even thought we gained an hour, I do NOT enjoy it getting dark so early!!!
Wanting:  ÇHOCOLATE... 'nuf said!
Needing:  I have got to get busy with my Christmas shopping!  Have you gotten much done???
A Yummy Pin...
This looks fabulous!!!
It comes from Katrina's Kitchen.
I've pinned some other incredibly yummy sweets here.
Thanks Farley for continuing to hosting this fun monthly event!!!
Autumn Blessings,


  1. I love watching and listening to my dog sleep. If she is dreaming really good she will sleep bark! Super cute. Hope you are feeling better!

  2. I love your Halloween costume! That's pretty clever. I also wrote I need to start my holiday shopping. I have 2 little gifts bought and that is it!

  3. Hi there, I'm visiting from currently! I have the same thought as your about DST! I loved the extra hour of sleep but I don't really like the fact that it will start getting darker so early.

    Buzzing With Mrs. McClain

  4. Hi Rebecca. Thanks for your comments. I've actually been on your blog before - how could I forget that adorable girl on the left? I love your template, too. Where did you get your math notebook ideas? Do you still get your clipart from that same person? Does she have a shop on TPT? Did I ask too many questions? I'm your newest follower, too!

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