Summer Craft Saturday


1.  Supplies:
brown construction paper/craft paper
wireless chenille
low temp glue gum

2.  Begin by wrapping the chenille around your finger.
3.  After several wraps, put a dot of glue to secure, and continue wrapping.
4.  Wrap chenille into a ball.
5.  When you have the desired size, cut and glue end to secure.
6.  Make another ball from a different color chenille.  Make as many as you'd like.
7.  Roll the craft paper into a cone shape.  Glue to secure.
8.  Trim up the top of the cone.  Glue any are that needs it.
9.  Line glue on the inside of the cone.  Glue your first ball to this area.
10.  Put glue on top of that ball and glue on the next ball.
11.  Continue gluing until all balls are glued.
12.  You have an ice cream cone with ice cream...that doesn't melt! 

Happy Summer Crafting!


  1. Such fun! So glad to stumble upon your blog today! I am a new follower... :0)

    Sarah @ Hoots N Hollers


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