So Where Have I Been???

Well, I can tell you where I haven't been!!!  I haven't been to the post office to mail two special packages to two sweet, patient teachers!  I haven't been on my blog daily...or even weekly for quite some time now...I haven't been visiting my sweet bloggy teacher friends!  Arrgghhh!  So much to little time to do it! rewind to Christmas... here are some pics from Christmastime in my classroom...
Second grade enjoyed The Nutcracker at South Jackson Civic Center!  We got to sit in the balcony!
Our Santas were so FUN...and oh-so-cute!!!
We enjoyed making gingerbread houses and gingerbread men during our Jan Brett Author Study!!!
Aren't they YuMmY looking???
Everyone got involved in The Gingerbread Baby skit!
REAL yummies to eat at our Christmas party!!!
We had such fun in our reindeer antlers at our Christmas party!
Even Mrs. Wrinn wore her antlers!
Hope your Christmas holiday was merry and bright!
{I know I'm just a tad late on recognizing it!  HeeHee!}

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