This past week, not only did we have Halloween dress up...but it was our Red Ribbon Week...and we had dress up EVERY day!  Check it out...
Monday was RED that was pretty normal.  A good start to the week!
Tuesday we wore ridiculous clothes and hair to show that Drugs Are Ridiculous!  Now, the fun begins...kind of a wild day, to say the least!
Of course, Halloween was Wednesday...right there in the MIDDLE of the week...aacckkkkk!
I was Sleeping Beauty...that wig was HOT let me tell ya...and not the good hot!  bwahahahaha
Thursday was Red/White/Blue show our American pride to be drug free...or something like that.  Didn't get a pic of that day...sorry!
We ended the week with PJ Day!  That was my FAV!!!
Hope you had a great week!  It was fun, but I'll be glad to get back to a normal schedule next week!
Many Blessings,
Really?  Another month has begun?  It seems that's all I ever post about lately.  I've got to get caught up...I have 2 pkgs. that I am soooo late in mailing out, no blogging, no freebies...that's got to change!!!
Today, I'll share my November Currently, and then hopefully get back to post an afternoon post...even though it will be two in one day...It's overdue, I think!
Ok, so do you see my first item...listening?  Well, this little guy is moving up in the country music industry....and he is a former student...from when I taught preschool!  O*M*G  If you haven't heard of Dustin Lynch yet, you HAVE to check this cutie out!  It was sooooo awesome to see him on the red carpet at the CMA Awards the other night!  One of his songs, Last Lap, is actually about our town.  So cool!  Go check out Dustin and fall in love with his music!!!
Cowboys and Angels
She Cranks My Tractor
And if you feel so can vote for him here.
Thanks for taking a peek!
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