I am beyond excited that tomorrow is the last day before break.  October is such a GREAT month anyway, and that is the icing on the cake!  My hubby's birthday is the 8th, our grangirl's birthday is the 9th, and mine is the 11th.  There are other special people that have October birthdays, as well.
I'm so ready for this break...it seems like forever since we started in July!!!  We have a royal ball to attend for a very special little soon-to-be-3 year old girl...
...our beautiful grangirl, Kennedy Grace.  Oh how I love that girl!  I am putting the finishing touches on my royal costume, and Pa is finishing up his as well.  It is sure to be a grand time with our little Princess!!!  Then, the sweet Princess will be visiting us for several days, as well...so much FUN planned for us!  And then there is more sweet fun on Halloween!  I heart October!
Ok, so it is Currently again...my how 2012 has flown by!
For the "BOOK", we are suppose to share our favorite Fall, Halloween, etc. book...I adore Stellaluna!  The story is heartwarming and the pictures are precious...take a look...
Last year, I created a Stellaluna unit.  I plan on using it again this year.  You can find it here.
I have other fall books that I love, as well...since autumn is my favorite time of year!
Trick or Treat, Smell My Feet!
So, what are your favorite fall books?  Head over to Farley's to check everyone else's out!
October Blessings,
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