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Adrienne is having a Multiplication Linky Party over at her blog.  Since multiplication is a biggie in third grade, I just had to join.  I am always looking for fresh, new ideas...and I love to share my ideas with others, as well! 

When beginning multiplication, I begin with teaching my students about groups and arrays.  We create groups and arrays out of a variety of items...marshmallows, m~n~m's, counters, etc.  Vocabulary is an essential part, as well.  So we add these words to our Word Wall.  

Anchor charts are created together and then displayed on the wall.  I created a little multiplication book freebie that you can find here if you haven't picked it up already.

When we begin memorizing the facts, we play a game called "SNAPS".  Everyone stands behind his desk.  I begin with the first person...I give them a fact.  I start to snap my fingers.  On the third snap, they must have said an answer.  If not, they sit down and I go to the next student.  Of course if they get the correct answer, they continue standing, and I go to the next student.  Once I get around the room, I start over.  This time they only get two snaps.  Then if I get around the room again, I do one snap.  They LOVE this!

Then of course there is the CeLeBrAtIoN for learning the facts...The Multiplication Sundae party.  

This is a HUGE hit!  You can find it here.    

Now, if you want more ideas for multiplication...head on over to Adrienne's!
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  1. Thanks for linking up! Snaps sounds like a fun game and I know my students would love it. Your anchor charts are beautiful! I got so many great ideas from your post :)

  2. I do the ice cream thing too!!! Except with mine, the bowl and spoon are the LAST things to earn, bc you can't have the ice cream without the bowl and they have to pass their 12s too! :)
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