Making Butter

So our afternoon activity and Thanksgiving snack we made today was butter.  We do this every year, and every year it is a hit!

Shaking it is always fun for the kiddos!  They sure shook up some good butter!  

They thought it was cool that this was something they could actually make at home to contribute to their Thanksgiving meal.

And here's how to do it...

Making Butter

Ingredients Needed: heavy whipping cream, baby food jar {or other small jar} with lid, crackers

1. Place heavy whipping cream into a baby food jar. Fill the jar about half full.
2. Replace the lid to the jar. Make sure it is secure!
3. Shake the jar very fast and hard. Continue to shake.
4. The cream will become frothy. Still shake!
5. Shake until the cream turns into a clump. There will be some liquid left, but it should not be a lot!
6.Open the jar. Drain off liquid. Enjoy with crackers.

Happy Thanksgiving and Happy Baking!


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