Prove It!

Yesterday, I shared an Anchor Chart on Anansi that one of my small groups helped me create at center time.  However, it wasn't enough that they picked out words to describe the character.  They had to prove it!  They had to do this by locating things in the reading that supported their decisions.  

So, we came up with a "DOES" list and a "SAYS" list.  Students found sentences in the story that showed what the character did to support their decision for choosing words such as "tricky, or dishonest, etc..  They had to do the same thing to show what the character said to support their word description choices.  They enjoyed working together to find these sentences that would really tell all about this character.  It wasn't always easy for them to locate sentences that really supported certain words they had selected but they stuck with it helping each other.  I love the fact that my small groups always work together to get the job done!  They're the best, and make teaching so much fun!

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