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I'm linking with Clutter-Free Classroom for a "Peek In My Planbook Week".  So here's a peek at one thing we did this week.  

We focused on "Characters" this week in reading.  Our story was A Day's Work which is a story about a little boy, Francisco, that wants to help his abuelo {grandfather}find work.  His grandfather has just arrived to this country and only speaks Spanish.  The little boy tells a lie to get his grandfather the job of as a gardener.  He tells the man that his abuelo was a gardener in Mexico.  However, since abuelo isn't really a gardener, and Francisco doesn't know anything about plants, they pull out the ice plants and keep the chickweed.  Fortunately, the little boy learns a very important lesson about lying.

Half of the class focused on Francisco and half of the class focused on Abuelo.  We brainstormed a great list of words that would describe characters toward the beginning of the week.  All week, students focused on "what their character said" and "what their character did".  Toward the end of the week, students received a graphic organizer to get their thoughts in place on their character. 

 Friday, students met in groups depending on their character.  They compared their graphic organizer, made decisions on words that really described their characters, and then chose someone to write their ideas on chart paper.  

Students then chose two reporters to report their findings and show their chart on their character.  

After each group presented their chart, as a class, we try to make connections between these two characters and any other character that we have read this year.

They really had a good time with this activity, and it was a successful activity!
Hope you had a great week.  Can't wait to see other's "peek of their week".

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  1. Great way to get them thinking about character traits!

  2. Great activity! I'm looking into character traits in a few weeks, so thanks for the idea!

    Down Under Teacher


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