Sep 17, 2011

Our Penguin Egg Experience

Penguin Chick by Betty Tatham is one of our basal stories in third grade.  The kiddos always enjoy our Penguin unit that we do along with this selection!  They love learning all kinds of cool facts about these amazing creatures. 

If you haven't seen the documentary film, March of the Penguins, you must!  The film depicts the life of emporer penguins and their journey across Antarctica.

It is amazing to see the great lengths that the father and mother penguin go to, to keep their penguin egg/chick safe!
My third graders got a chance to see first hand how difficult it is to transfer the egg from one parent to the other, and keep the little egg safe.  I paired my students up, and the transferring began. 

Each pair of students received a "penguin egg" straight from coworker's husband's workshop.  lol My kiddos had the best time with this activity!  No hands could be used because penguins don't have that luxury.  However, the penguin does had a beak to help pull the egg on top of his feet, and a brood pouch to keep it warm...two things that we didn't have the luxury of!  

Well of course Mrs. Wrinn had to try too!   
What a great activity this was for my kiddos!
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  1. I love this idea! I team teach now and I'm Math and Science, we've already done this story, but I've put this in my files for the future! I love this story and you are so right about the kids! They ♥love it too!
    Thanks for grabbing my button, I just got yours and I'm following on Pinterest!
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    1. One of our teacher's husband made the egg from wood.


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